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I am a tarot card reader, spiritual healer, counsellor, and law of attraction coach. Since my childhood, I  had a strong intuition and that is where I developed my interest in occult science.

The main aim of my life is to heal people with my guidance. People who are facing issues in their relationships, career, business, investment, travel, health, etc.

I am here to help you through Insider Outside by providing easy remedies to heal. My belief is that the universe has solutions for every blockage any human faces in their life span, it’s all about seeking the right guidance at the right time.

I have helped people find their inner selves and have discovered the right path to success and abundance. As a tarot card reader, I believe each human is unique and their struggles are unique. As per my experience, the universe doesn’t give you something which is not for your higher good.

Please don’t expect me to sugarcoat things. I will always want you to show what the actual situation is instead of hiding it from you.

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