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Ricardo Suarez — Bodhisattva Master

Hello, I am Ricardo, I´m Venezuelan and, right now live in Colombia. I give you a cosmic as well as harmonious welcome. I am a Bodhisattva (which means being of light or teaching soul) and an innate spiritual channeler who connects with life and all its higher dimensions. I possess the ability to communicate with higher masters and guides, archangels, angels and higher energies, who help me to guide people on the path of their spiritual evolution. I have incarnated again in this world to be that spiritual link, friend and companion to help in your inner process of higher evolution of awakening consciousness. We can share many topics, tools and ways of learning not only in the spiritual and esoteric field but also in the nutritional field because I am a nutritionist and dietician, which allows me to merge in a very special way all those elements that are transformed into powerful foods for our day to day. And we can chat in Spanish or English depending on what you like.

My specific spiritual coaching approach is to help you define very clear goals in your life so that you can flow with better energy in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and astral body, through the use of my spiritual and esoteric gifts. The main intention is for you to visualize in a more direct way all that is inside you so that it is easier to decipher what you really want as an energetic being and thus understand what are the benefits of achieving this. Real spiritual coaching will take you out of your comfort zone, you will explore creative thinking and learn many things that will bring you life and focus to help you build your action plans and motivate you to fulfill them.

Our first contact will be basically a discovery moment. We will do together this first step where the idea is focused on sharing in a very natural, harmonious and honest way everything that makes us unique and special as life energy beings. You will understand how the holistic spiritual coaching process works. You will understand more about me as an expert in the field so that you can feel comfortable with me as your mentor and partner. You will understand where you are right now, what you want to achieve in your inner realization process, what motivates you and, clearly, how to reconnect with your inner energetic and spiritual powers.

If you have been able to reconnect with your inner spiritual energy, vibrate with more harmony, advance in your spiritual and life goals, positively impacting your family and those around you, then I have successfully fulfilled my work as a Spiritual Master because I have provided you with the necessary guidance and spiritual tools that will constantly help you obtain greater clarity and strength day after day. Reconnecting with your own light and handling your own gifts, understanding in a more practical way the situations that beset you and solving any obstacle with the use of the divine and esoteric force that resides within you, will be the greatest reward for you and for those with whom you wish to share it.

Knowing that all of us have some special gift or ability within us, I focus on helping you with all my strength, energy, honesty, empathy and spiritual and esoteric wisdom to achieve your awakening of consciousness without hindering your learning and development process. I respect every step of your inner evolutionary path allowing you to blossom at your own pace while I accompany you in every stage of it no matter how bright or dark it may be. I am not only here to relay a message from the Egyptian tarot or the energies that surround you through my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairaesthesia, as well as my communications with beings of light, transcended masters, archangels, angels, deceased beings or balancing your chakras, I am here to help you with love, empathy and listening to you with sincerity no matter what you wish to share with me because this way we can create a strong communicative bond that will always be present for you helping you in any moment of your life so that you can live in harmony in mind and spirit.

I wish forever you are well, by the grace of God, our Mother Kundalini, Christ and by the Masters of the cosmos too.

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