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Angie Walsh – Usui Reiki Master

Hello, my name is Angie Walsh I Am a Reiki Master. That’s not all of the tricks I have up my sleep but let’s start there.

In Level 1 Reiki with me, you will be introduced to key concepts such as:

  1. Intro to Principles of Reiki Practitioner
  2. Intro to Energy & Life Force (also called Chi in Japan or Prana in India)
  3. Intro to Functionalities, Role & Benefit of Controlled Breathing
  4. Intro to Chakras & Symbols
  5. Intro to Energy Enhancement

In Level 2 Reiki we will be building on concepts from Level 1 & introducing:

  1. Personal & Collective Awareness
  2. Balancing Energy
  3. Holistic Congruency between Body Mind Spirit
  4. Clearing Transmuting
  5. Protection

In Level 3 Reiki we cover and expand on Level 1 & 2 concepts and introduce:

  1. Attunement to Ascended Masters
  2. Philosophical Origination
  3. 3D Manifesting
  4. Astral Projection & Astral Travel
  5. Self-Healing & Healing Modalities for the Collective

Throughout each level, I will focus on broadening and deepening your awareness of etheric or Spiritual concepts and work to make practically comprehensive each topic with the goal of continually reminding you that you are an energy being first and a physical being second. This means much of what you may have learned will need to be revisited from a completely new perspective.

You are sure to enjoy every second we are together!


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