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Angie Walsh – Energy Reader

In these sessions, we will work by asking aligned questions and actively listening for key areas of struggle.

According to your specific needs, desires and concerns, Spirit will highlight key perspectives that may be limiting the quality of your everyday life experience,

Through a combination of intuition-led curiosity and creative framing, I can pick up on subtle energy changes and use these cues to find your deepest truths which can often be hidden from you and kept within the recesses of the mind or perhaps stored within the body as pain or other disabling, hindering or triggering phenomena.

The key in these sessions is to find relief and or release, which I validate and corroborate through the question and feedback loop with you.

The goal is to realign your physical body with your spiritual or etheric body also referred to as your soul or spirit. You will literally feel the difference taking place as you get the “lighter” and “brighter” sensations in your body. This is fundamental work as it takes you to the root cause and rewrites the rhetoric or “story” as we like to call it and will most definitely be an illuminating and fun experience.


  • Energy reader

    What if you’re able to find your tranquility of releasing all stagnant energies from mind,body,spirit and heart

    $ 211.00

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