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Angie Walsh – Akashic Reader

Thank you for choosing to come into this with an open mind and with an open heart and for being willing to be vulnerable.

As we find new and adventurous ways to embrace higher perspectives, we learn how to be more and more present in the here and now.

Each and every moment of the day we are onboarding new information and as we do we are creating a story or record that will impact us going forward, either in a positive or a negative way within our mind, body and spirit.

When we look into the Akachic records we can find areas where we have stored energy in the form of repressed emotion. This greatly impacts our ability to see things positively and affects the outcomes of the future.

Understing how, when where and why this energy was not processed, integrated or transmuted as the case may be, will shed light on ways in which we can go about seeking healing.

As an Akashic reader, I can tap into this multi-generational record and determine if the blockages were created in this life or in a past one. Either by you or an ancestor.

Each generation in a family is a new iteration, for example, our children are upgraded versions of the software and hardware we were given. It is possible that one of your ancestors has left you something less than is fully desirable to work with.

Since they did not settle their Karma in their lifetime, it may be left up to you to do in this one.

Healing is the process of revelation, continued awareness, acceptance and the subsequent willingness to evolve by letting go and learning new strategies along with new and empowering mindsets.

As I guide you through this process with the help of the QLF Loop (Question Listen Feedback Loop) and by using different modalities such as invocations, affirmations and intentional meditations, I will receive messages and impressions that will help me zero in on key areas interest or struggle.

I use an array of sensory and extra-sensory data to aggregate the questions and lead you toward understanding to clear the energy block.


  • Akashic reader

    Heal, guided direction to your every day all aspect of life, business and relationships

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